Welcome to CGI Solutions!

Welcome to CGI Solutions. We offer an array of services from custom cgi web based programs written in cgi, perl, or php, to computer repair, virus removal, and Internet Marketing.

We have more than 20 years of computer repair experience.  We  are Microsoft Certified Professionals. I am Network+ Certified, and I am also Comptia A+ Certified.


We are located at 11321 West Flagler St. Miami, Florida 33174. Please call to make an appointment first. We have been doing computer repair for a long time. We know what we are doing. We have the most advanced diagnosing tools, from booting up complete operating systems from a usb stick for troubleshooting purposes, to recovering lost data from a formatted hard drive.

We pride ourselves very highly at our level of expertise.



We Provide Internet Marketing Solutions.

We will help you Rank your  You Tube Videos higher, as well as rank for your web site higher by optimizing it for Google. Our results speak for themselves. We will send buyers to your site. Whatever your profession, or your niche,  we will make sure your site will show up on the front page of google for they desired, targeted key word.

A word on KeyWord Research: Key word research is the most important step in internet advertising. Why rank for a key word that has high competition, and a low amount of monthly traffic, when you can rank for a keyword with low competition, and a very high amount of monthly traffic? That’s where we come in. It’s not enough to just add keywords to your meta tags anymore. The game has changed, and we are one step ahead. Using the most advanced keyword suggestion tool, we will research key words for you. We will find key words that we will GUARANTEE your site will show up on the front page of google for that key word. It’s that easy. Whether you are selling arline tickets, cars, or glass monkeys, we will send buyers to your site that are looking for you. For example, if your company sells car insurance would you rather have 5,000 monthly visits from people who type the keyword “car insurance” or would you rather have 500 monthly visits from people visiting your site for the key word: “Miami Florida Car Insurance Quote”? Do you see the difference? We don’t know where those 10,000 visits are coming from? Perhaps they’re in California, or Denver, but you only sell car insurance in Florida. Perhaps they are only researching car insurance, and are not yet going to buy. So you are looking at a poor conversion rate with the keyword “car insurance” because it’s too broad of a search. What we do, is look for “targeted” key words, for example “Miami Florida Car Insurance Quote”, you know everyone that comes to your site from that keyword will be looking for a Car Insurance Quote from Miami Florida! What would your business do with 500 people visiting your site per month looking for your services? Well that’s the kind of web traffic we will find for you. Then we will build an internet bridge to get them to your site.

Marathon:  What if there were 5000 people running a Marathon, and there was 1000 people scattered around the track looking to sell them water as they ran. Now picture this, what if we gave you a spot directly in front of those 5000 people? Chances are, they will buy the water from you, “because you are there.” And that’s what we will set out to accomplish for you. We will place you in a spot in google that 5000 unique visitors will come across your site per month, and they will buy from you, “because you are there.”

Services we offer:

  • Computer Repair
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Virus Removal and Prevention
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Forgotten Password Recovery
  • Total Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery
  • Online and Offline Data Backups
  • iPhone, iPod and iPad Jailbreaking
  • Slow Computer Optimization

We look forward to speaking with you!

We have an unprecedented number of satisfied customers. We in fact are so confident we will repair any computer problem you face, that if we cannot fix it or find a decent workaround, we will not charge you. Now that’s a bold statement because we may spend many hours on a single incident and lost time and money in the process. And that’s our guarantee.  We charge more than our average competitor, and that’s because we provide above average service. So if you want the best, feel free to call us.

  • CGI Solutions was set up with customer service in mind. Computer repair is only a part of what we do.
  • CGI Solutions offers their customers options, ideas, and recommendations regarding their current situation.
  • CGI Solutions  will travel to you, if you cannot come to us.
  • Customers of CGI Solutions have a reason to remember us and to happily refer us to people they know.
  • CGI Solutions has many years of experience, and frankly, we’ve seen it all.

Our Computer Repair Techs have a large ego.  We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction so that when they refer us, they refer to us as, “The Best”.  Unlike other computer repair companies, we do a thorough and complete job.

Will Arcas-

11321 West Flagler St.
Miami, Fl 33174

Last Updated: June 26, 2013